Toronto Hustle is a grassroots project, with global reach. We’ve spent 2018 delivering tangible results, on and off the bike!


SEASON 2 - 2018

MAY 2018

2018-May-10   Pedal Magazine — Toronto Hustle’s Season Launch Party Rocks at Rorschach Brewing Co.


SEASON 1 - 2017


2017-Nov-30   Cervelo — HoldFast Episode V: Green Mountain Stage Race


2017-Oct-04    Soigneur Magazine — HoldFast Episode IV: Gastown Grand Prix


2017-Sep-14    Pique News Magazine — Kyle Boorsma separates himself to win the RBC GranFondo Giro

2017-Sep-13    Squamish Chief News — First place Kyle Boorsma RBC GranFondo

2017-Sep-09    GranFondo Guide — Boorsma wins Giro at RBC Whistler GranFondo

2017-Sep-06    Pedal Magazine — Cycling Canada announces squad for Road Worlds: Staples and Simms Simms

2017-Sep-04    Pedal Magazine — Simms Wins, Staples 4th - Green Mountain Stage Race


2017-Aug-30    Soigneur Magazine — HoldFast Episode III: The Ossington Crit

2017-Aug-06    Sarnia Observer — Second BlueWater GranFondo drew more than 700 riders

2017-Aug-06    GranFondo Guide — BlueWater GranFondo sells out again

JULY 2017

2017-Jul-23    Pedal Magazine — Ossington Crit 2017 Full Results

2017-Jul-19    Pedal Magazine — Penno Keeps Leaders Jersey, Simms 6th at Tour de L'Abitibi

2017-Jul-06    Pedal Magazine — OCA Announces Canada Summer Games Athletes: O’Donnell and Simms

2017-Jul-05    Canadian Cycling Magazine — Toronto Hustle race Redlands Classic in Ep2 of Hold Fast

JUNE 2017

2017-Jun-30   Cervelo — Ride Diaries: Toronto Hustle vs. Canada’s Killer Crit

2017-Jun-30    Soigneur Magazine — Toronto Hustle article featuring HoldFast Episode II

2017-Jun-29   Cervelo — HoldFast Episode II: Redlands Bicycle Classic

2017-Jun-27    Pedal Magazine — Junior Men’s ITT: Graydon Staples takes home national title

2017-Jun-20   Cervelo — Ride Diaries: from Toronto to Joshua Tree

2017-Jun-19    Pedal Magazine — Numainville & Gee Win 2017 Preston Street Titles

2017-Jun-07    Pedal Magazine — Interview with Toronto Hustles’ Noah Simms

2017-Jun-05    Pedal Magazine — 2017 Ontario Provincial Road Championships

MAY 2017

2017-May-28    Pedal Magazine — Boorsma Wins Men’s Overall at Killington Stage Race

2017-May-28    Pedal Magazine — Killington Stage Race, Stage 2 - Boorsma Wins

2017-May-27    Pedal Magazine — Killington Stage Race, Stage 1 - Hrycaj Wins

2017-May-25    CBC Metro Morning — Radio segment with Matt Galloway (starting at 17:49)

2017-May-22    Soigneur Magazine — Toronto Hustle breathes new life into cycling

2017-May-12     Cervelo — New web series released: HoldFast Episode I



2016-Dec-19    Lossless Creative — Video: Brad Bradford inches off the wheel