VIDEO: Seasucker #theysuck

They stick, no matter the vehicle, no matter the weather.


A sneak peak as Season 2 gets under way

#holdfast: Toronto Hustle’s online web series

Follow the team through an exciting 2017 season. This five-episode series sheds light on the highs and lows of racing in the North American professional peloton. Toronto Hustle riders provide a candid and authentic window into their lives—on and off the bike. 


It’s the decisions we make in difficult moments that help us define who we are. After an unfortunate turn of fate, Brad Bradford battles to get back on the bike and continue pursuing his dream.


RADIO: CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

Brad Bradford sits down with Matt Galloway of CBC to share more about the Toronto Hustle Project, the semi pro lifestyle, growing the cycling community and what it takes to ride in the North American peloton. A great six minute listen for your next morning commute (starting at 17:49).